How to Customize Payment Page (WYSIWYG Editor)

Learn how to customize your payment page to synchronize with your current website’s look and feel, using the Pinwheel Pay Gateway WYSIWYG Editor.

Start on the merchant dashboard

  • Settings
  • Scroll down to “Custom Payment Page” Customize the payment page

1. Whitelabel Status

  • – Enabled Vs. Disabled
  • Allows you to add custom logo vs Shopify logo

2. Checkout Page Theme
Use Pinwheel Theme

3. Logo
Upload your custom logo (click enable to show) and use the “logo width” to correct the pixels

4. Page
  •  Background color
•  Inner Background color
•  Font Color

5.  Timer Box
   •  Background color
•  Font color

6. Payment Button

  • Background color
  • Font color

7. Fields

  • Form Background Color
  • Phone Placeholder
  • Credit image color

8.  Secure Image

  • Select secure images that best apply to your store settings.

9.  We Accept Cards

  • Visa/MC are standard and locked in. The other two are optional if your store accepts them and you have the option to select them or not.

10. Compliance & Bank Message

  • Allows you to enter all your own compliance fields as needed


  • Select “Save” to complete your custom page and update your changes.