• Hosted Payment Page

    In this section, you will learn about the hosted payment page. Style your payment page to match your website, add google tracking and more.

  • Recurring Payments

    In this section learn how to setup subscription billing for your store. Capture more revenue and allow your customers to update their own subscriptions from the customer subscription portal.

  • Alt Payments

    In this section, learn how to setup Alt Payments (APMs) with your store. Explore Bitcoin to fiat processing and more.

  • Fraud Shield

    In this section, we review Fraud Shield our propriety fraud solution to protect your store from costly chargebacks. Trained to recognize patterns that have not been seen before, Pinwheel AI detects sophisticated, complex & automated fraud in milliseconds.

  • Google Integrations

    In this section, we review our google integrations such as google translate, google tracking (tags & analytics) and google maps.

  • Pinwheel Admin

    In this section we review all things Pinwheel admin. We take a deep look at reporting, how to refund a customer and more.